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Moms breastfeeding their babies
Supporting Women Through Lactation Care

The ability to breastfeed a child is a gift - to both mom and baby. From the nutritional and health benefits to the bonding that occurs, breastfeeding provides an incredible way for mom and baby to connect and care for each other. Breastfeeding is not always an easy or smooth process, and it is my hope that I can come alongside women to empower them through their journey.

Photo by Kalie Wolfinger

- Blue Cross Blue Shield and Cigna PPO plans (and some United PPO plans) may provide 6 lactation consultations covered at 100% through my partnership with Lactation Network; please complete their intake form by clicking the Let's Get Started link below, and Lactation Network will email you back ASAP with details to move forward

- Masking is currently required due to COVID-19

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